Frederik Pajunk. Childhood and youth in southern Lower Saxony, Germany. First contacts with photography in the photo club of the local youth fire brigade. Senior year at Farmington High School, New Mexico. In November 1989 eyewitness of the opening of the wall in Berlin. Followed by studies of law at the universities in Heidelberg and Göttingen. Professional career stations in Berlin, Frankfurt and London. Rediscovery of photography as a constant companion.

At midlife the decision to follow a new path. Start of a BA program of photography at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule in Hamburg, Germany. In 2018 enrollment in the master programme of photography at Folkwang University of Fine Arts in Essen, Germany. In my works I focus on transition processes from individual, social and autobiographical perspectives. Often in combination of pictures and text.

E-Mail: frederik.pajunk@berlin.de
Instagram: frederikpajunk